Chase Holleman, GCSTOP Program Director

Email: cnhollem@uncg.edu

Telephone: 336-505-8122

Chase Holleman, LCSW, LCAS is a person whom is deeply invested in his community. After living through a handful of overdoses, Chase was privileged enough to receive the opportunities of recovery, formal education, and the wisdom of his predecessors. Since then, his driving force has been to ensure that everyone can receive the same opportunities he did to transform his life.

Connecting the power of storytelling and his passion for justice, Chase directs his efforts toward working with the community toward transformation. Whether teaching in the classroom, presenting in a town hall, or listening in a parking lot; Chase is seeking the empowerment of the people.

Guillermo Tremols, Clinician/Bridge Counselor

Email: g_tremol@uncg.edu

Telephone: (336) 646-4119

Guillermo Tremols, MSW, LCSWA, LCAS is a person in long-term recovery who completed his Master of Social Work (MSW) at the University of NC at Chapel Hill. He previously served as the GCSTOP Syringe Exchange Program Coordinator until transitioning to his current clinical role. Guillermo is committed to the principles of person-centered therapy and harm reduction while serving some of our community’s most vulnerable members.

Autumn Yates, GCSTOP Research Data Manager

Email: amyates3@uncg.edu

Autumn is a senior Social Work major at UNCG. Her work with GCSTOP allows her to gain experience in the field of substance use and further drives her passion to influence more human-centered drug policies.

Tyler Yates, Syringe Exchange Program Coordinator

North Carolina Certified Peer Support Specialist

Email: jtyates@uncg.edu

Telephone: 336-850-1139

Ben Fraifeld, BSW Intern

Email: bdfraife@uncg.edu

Ben Fraifeld is a junior Social Work major at UNCG and has been with GCSTOP since January 2019. His passions include playing music, science fiction, and storytelling. Ben is committed to helping people who use drugs make meaningful connections, gain access to resources, and stay safe.